Our Newborn Circumcision Services in the GTA

Congratulations on the birth of your newborn baby boy and welcome to the Family Urology Clinic!

Our private surgical clinic is devoted to performing virtually painless circumcisions for newborns and baby boys from 0-12 months of age.

While circumcisions are typically done within the first 3 months of life, our team of experts have extensive experience performing this procedure on older babies.

We are committed to providing our exceptional circumcision services in a timely manner and appointments are typically available in only a few weeks.

Dr. Robert Payne will perform your son’s circumcision using the Plastibell technique, which is one of the safest and most commonly used methods worldwide. He is a Stanford-trained pediatric urological surgeon and a member of the Division of Urology at the Hospital for Sick Children.

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Common Newborn Circumcision Questions

Here are some common questions you might have about your newborn baby’s circumcision:

How do I prepare my baby boy for his circumcision?

On the day of the procedure, try to stick to your normal routine and dress your son in a warm and comfortable 2-piece outfit.B

Feed your son prior to his procedure either before leaving your home or when you arrive at the Family Urology Clinic. Nursing rooms are available.

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment with the following items.

  1. Vaseline (or non-petroleum equivalent)
  2. Infant Tylenol or Tempura
  3. Polysporin ointment (Black label is best)
  4. Two muslin cloths or baby blankets.
  5. Diapers and baby wipes.
  6. Pacifier (if your son takes one)
Should I circumcise my newborn son?

Circumcisions are the most commonly performed procedure in the world with over 1 million performed each year in North America. If done by an experienced doctor, circumcisions can be performed safely during the newborn period.

In 2012, the American Academy of Pediatrics published a statement indicating that the health benefits associated with newborn circumcisions outweigh the potential risks, and should therefore be offered routinely.

The Canadian Pediatrics Society holds a more neutral stance, as does Dr. Robert Payne, and supports that this decision should be made by well-informed parents after considering all possible health risks and benefits along with their religious and cultural beliefs.

What are some medical reasons to choose circumcision?

There are very well documented health advantages associated with performing a newborn circumcision, which continue to benefit men throughout life.

Some of these benefits include:

    1. Reduces the risk of urinary tract infections
    2. Reduces the risk of penile and prostate cancer
    3. Reduces the risk of cervical cancer in their partners
    4. Decreases the risk of contracting or spreading sexually transmitted infections, including HIV, hepatitis, HPV
    5. Improves ease of genital hygiene
    6. Eliminates risk of needing a circumcision later in life
Are there reasons to oppose circumcision?

Many parents choose not to circumcise their child as they don’t want to expose their child to unnecessary pain, or don’t feel that the benefits outweigh the potential risks associated with the procedure.

Some parents believe that circumcising a newborn baby takes away their right to decide what happens to their body, and believe that this decision can be made later in life once they are older.

What are the risks of circumcision?

As with any surgery, there are certain risks associated with a circumcision. These include:

  1. Infections
  2. Bleeding
  3. Meatal stenosis
  4. Penile entrapment
  5. Sub-optimal cosmetic results
  6. Serious complications, including blood transfusion, injury to the penis, or death (never in our practice)
When is the best time to circumcise my son?

Circumcisions are often performed during the first few weeks of life, but can be done at any point along the way. Most hospitals no longer offer this service at the time of delivery, and are typically performed as an outpatient procedure.

We recommend that a circumcision be performed as early as possible once you have made this decision to minimize the stress, discomfort and complications related to this procedure.

Most newborn circumcisions are performed within the first 3 months of life, but the Family Urology Clinic has extensive experience with older babies up to 1 year of age.

If you have any more questions about your newborn baby’s circumcision, or if you need to schedule your circumcision appointment, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

How much will my son's circumcision cost?

Routine newborn circumcisions are not covered by OHIP and are considered cosmetic procedures.

The cost of newborn circumcision is based solely on your son’s age at the time of his circumcision.

The cost of performing a circumcision at our clinic is $400+HST for boys up to one month of age. The price increases by $25 with each additional month of life.

We perform circumcisions in our office up to 1 year of age.

Why do doctors and nurses recommend the Family Urology Clinic for your circumcision experience?

The Family Urology Clinic is a surgical center that is focused on performing virtually painless newborn circumcisions by Dr. Robert Payne, Canada’s only Stanford trained pediatric urologist.

Patient comfort and safety are our primary concerns, and our patients are given a combination of freezing creams, Tylenol, sugary pacifiers, padded restraints, soothing music, and the injection of local freezing agents to completely numb the area.

Most of our babies sleep right through their circumcision!

Our complication rate is extremely low, and our staff is readily available to answer your questions and concerns during the recovery phase.

Our patients and their families constantly leave our office with a sense of ease and confidence knowing that they received exceptional surgical care that greatly exceeded their expectations.

Followup is always arranged and our office is available to you should you have any concerns along the way.

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